Why History Always Repeats -By Sesugh Akume

When in 2003, George Akume was the PDP governor of Benue, Muhammadu Buhari, the ANPP presidential candidate was in Makurdi for his campaign rally, Akume ensured that the rally didn’t hold. The initial excuse air traffic control, or whoever it was, gave was that it was a breach of protocol for any aircraft to land because Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s aircraft was parked, as the VP was in Makurdi, the Benue capital.

The response from the hovering plane was that there was no known convention that prevents an aircraft touching down because a VIP aircraft had landed earlier and hadn’t taken off. Second, that the candidate on board was a former head of state, protocol demanded that he be allowed to touch down. The next excuse that his security was not guaranteed on touching down. The response was that the subject had his own security onboard and prearranged on the ground, which was adequate for him. Bottom line, Buhari did not touch down that day in Makurdi.

Twelve years later, in 2015, Buhari was president. Akume, the erstwhile minority leader of their party, APC. Were APC a proper party, he would’ve seamlessly become the senate president when APC became the majority in the senate. At the time, Buhari had a preferred stooge to be senate president, at best Akume was made the candidate for deputy senate president. They both lost, it wasn’t to be. Since then Akume has desired to be the secretary to the government of the federation more than anything else. It hasn’t come into being. As it appears, he may have to wait a bit longer.

In 2019, he lost woefully at the polls to be a senator for the fourth time, and again lost at the election tribunal. He has possibly appealed the judgement. The point is, the people rejected him, stolen elections or not. Being outside of the government system he has profiteered from all his adult life was difficult. Next, he needed patronage to be inside, guess who his benefactor was to be? A vindictive Buhari made him a minister anyway. Created a useless ministry with no direct job functions, output or outcomes. If there are any at all, he at best needs to rely on the mood and graciousness of the SGF and de facto president, Abba Kyari, to do just about anything. Well, he is a minister. Half bread is better than none.

Let’s not go into how a decade ago, the cabal humiliated and undermined VP Goodluck Jonathan. One day, they woke up and realised that this same person was the president!

Human beings never learn that’s why history keeps repeating itself. I don’t like VP Yemi Osinbajo, but I’m against his unwarranted public humiliation and the deliberate undermining of the Office of the Vice President. Today’s cabal thinks it’s paying him back for some actions of his in the past, and to send signals. I don’t care about their politics. I’m interested in the best interest of the Federation. But for them, what if the tables turn tomorrow? Because, the truth is, no one knows tomorrow. We never learn.

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