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How To Get Google Adsense Approval For Your WordPress Blog In 2019? How to Get Google Adsense Approval for Your WordPress Blog in 2019?

Google Adsense is the best and reputed ad network. If you want to know about How to Get Google Adsense Approval for your WordPress website then you should follow the adsense approval tricks guide here.

Before Adsense Approval Tricks, you should know about What is Google Adsense?

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an ad platform which is designed by Google in 2003. Adsense will allow publishers to serve Ads in the format of Image, Text, video etc on Websites for their targeted audience.

Adsense is the better and relevant ad platform because it will show the relevant ads according to your website content.

You should use Google Adsense becuase of:

  • Serve relevant Ads according to your Website content.
  • Few restrictions for the content creator.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Optimization tool is available.
  • Contextual Targeting for your blog.
  • Reporting option is available.

If you want to know about How to Get Google Adsense Account Approved early within 2-3 days then you should follow the below Adsense Approval Tricks for your blog in 2019.

Sometimes Adsense will take 1 week for approval. It will depend on Google.

Best Google Adsense Approval Tricks 2019

We are sharing all the tips related to Adsense ad network. Use these tips for your blog.

1. Take Custom Domain & Web Hosting:

First, you should take custom domain name for your WordPress blog. You can take domain like .com, .net, .org etc. You can purchase domain name form websites like Godaddy and Namecheap.

Custom Domain
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Custom domain will help you to get approval early. So always use a custom domain for your WordPress Blog.

After taking custom domain, purchase a web hosting for your WordPress blog. Which will help you to run your website on server. We recommend you to take the web hosting from Reseller Club.

Reseller Club will provide the cheap hosting services for beginner blogger. It is the best web hosting provider for you. It will provide you the unlimited space and SSL in all the Linux Shared hosting plan.

You can take the web hosting from Reseller Club.

2. Upload Your Logo & Favicon Icon:

If you want to get Google Adsense Account approval then Adsense will demand a professional blog form you. Make your logo and upload your favicon icon for your WordPress Blog.

Logo & Favicon Icon
Logo & Favicon Icon

The logo will represent your website and it will help you to make your blog a brand. So, create a professional logo and upload it early on your WordPress blog.

3. Mobile Responsive Design:

Your WordPress blog should be mobile responsive for Adsense approval. It means your website should be open according to the device format. If you open the website in mobile then it should open according to the mobile size.

Resonsive Design
Resonsive Design

If you want to make your website or blog responsive then you should use responsive themes available in WordPress. All the WordPress themes are responsive at this time.

Mobile searches are more than the desktop searches so your website should responsive and mobile-friendly.

4. Post Quality Content:

For adsense approval, you will post quality content on your WordPress Blog. Because Google Adsense will give priority to quality content websites.

So you should post 15-20 articles on your WordPress blog above 1000 words. You can get adsense approval easily by posting more and more content.

If your blog is above 1000 words then Adsense will place more ads in your article. It will help you to increase your blog revenue.

Write depth articles, it will help you to rank on many keywords and help you to get traffic.

5. Connect your Blog with Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free tool, which will tell the traffic stats of your WordPress website or blog. This tool will help you to give more traffic analysis like bounce rate, sessions, visitors, etc.

Google Analytics
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

So you should integrate your WordPress blog with Google Analytics to get Adsense approval early. You can get more help through this tool to achieve your goals form the blog.

You can use plugin for your WordPress website or blog to integrate with Google Analytics.

Google Search Console ( formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is the best tool provided by Google. This tool will help you to index your WordPress website early.

You can submit your WordPress blog sitemap, check blog performance and it will help you to rank your website or blog keywords. Use this tool for Google Adsense Account Approval.

For Google Search Console verification with WordPress blog, you can follow this guide.

How to Add Google Webmaster Tools to WordPress?

7. Create Important Pages:

For adsense account approval, you will add About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy pages.

About Us:

Create About us page for your WordPress blog. Put the genuine details about your blog and yourself. You can introduce yourself through about us and tell your audience about your blogging journey.

Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy will help you to make your website genuine and feel your website or blog visitors safe and tell them to follow your rules.

If you want to make the privacy policy for your blog then you can take the help of any privacy policy generator website. Privacy policy is necessary and much needed for every website owner.

Contact Us:

Create a contact us pages for your WordPress blog. It will help you to connect with your visitors or customers easily. So create a contact us page for communicating with your customers.

This page is necessary according to Google Adsense. You can follow this guide to create the contact us pages.

So these are the important pages for your WordPress blog. This is the necessary Adsense approval trick for your WordPress blog.

8. Do not Use Prohibited Content

Adsense does not give approval to some websites like gambling, drug, pornography, adult, alcohol, gaming, hacking, weapon related content.

So do not use prohibited content for adsense approval. These types of categories are banned by google Adsense.

Do not copy the other website content otherwise Google will penalize your webste or blog.

9. Get Traffic to Your Blog:

If you want to get adsense account approval then your website should have some traffic. So share your blog content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Mix etc.

This tactic will help you to drive traffic early. Try to rank the long tail keywords in the search engine like Google, Bing etc. Long tail keywords will help you to drive more traffic to your blog.

So for adsense account approval, your website should have some traffic. You can use push notifications for retaining your traffic. this is the effective method for traffic.

10. Internal and External Links is Necessary:

If you want to get traffic and make your website genuine then you should add internal or external links in your blog. The internal link will help you to drive traffic to another article and make the page authority better.

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

So use the internal or external links for your WordPress blog to increase your website page authority and domain authority. Internal and External links will make your content better and helpful to your users.

11. Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console:

The sitemap is necessary for every website or blog. Create an XML sitemap for your WordPress blog and submit it to Google Search Console tools. XML Sitemap will help you to index your web pages early in the search engines.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

So update your sitemap on the regular basis in Google Search Console. Sitemap is necessary for adsense account approval.

You can read this guide for creating and submit the sitemap to Google Search Console.

12. Do not Use Copyright Images:

Image is necessary for blog content. Without images, your blog is incomplete. So do not use copyright images.

If you want to get copyright free images then you can use Pixabay and Pexels website for your blog images.

These websites will give you the attractive images for your blog and save from the copyright images.

So these are the basic Google Adsense Approval tricks. Follow these guide and get adsense approval early.

How to Apply for Google Adsense?

Step 1: Go to Google and search Google Adsense. Click on the first link.

Step 2: Click on Sign up Now.


Step 3: Put your Website URL and Email Id. If you want to get email notification then choose Yes,otherwise choose No.

Sign Up Process
Sign Up Process

Click on Save and Continue.

Step 4: Put your country name and Agree with Google Adsense terms. You can edit your profile here also.

Profile Creation
Profile Creation

Click on Create Account.

Step 5: Complete all your payment Address details like Address, pincode, City, State, Phone Number etc. After filling all the details, click on Submit.

Step 6: It will ask you to Connect your WordPress blog to Google Adsense through a JavaScript Code.

Adsense Code
Adsense Code

Paste the JavaScript Code to the head section of your website and Check i have pasted the code.

After this Click on Done. It will check the code on your website or blog.

Google Adsense will take 1 day to 1 week for approving your blog for monetizing.

If your Adsense is approved or disapproved Adsense will send you an email in your gmailAccount.

So this is the complete guide about How to Get Google Adsense Approval.


With the help of this guide, you have known about the Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks in 2019 and how to Apply for Google Adsense.

Apply these tactics for your WordPress website or blog. You will get Adsense approval within one week.

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