How It Works

Below is how works

Many people have been scammed by massive earning scheme of sites, which enticed them to join not knowing its a plan to lured them in.

*24hourspay is exceptional*
_we won’t promise what we can’t fulfill_ .

*Summary of how it works*

?Sign up bonus ₦150

?Daily login ₦70

?Sharing of Sponsored Posts ₦120

?Viewing of News ₦2

?Well constructed comment ₦5

?First comment on Sponsored Post ₦500

?Per click on referral link ₦2

?Submit news ₦70

?Referral bonus ₦700

?Weekly quiz ₦500

?Watching videos ₦1 per second

? Recharge card and data subscription with activities earning ?

?24hourspay market place : sell anything sellable on the platform.

?Weekly giveaways of ₦500, ₦1000, ₦1500, ₦2000 to the top earner. ?

*SIGN UP FEE ~₦1500~ ₦1200 for the first 1000 members*

*Minimum Withdrawal ₦4000*

Payment is every Saturday and Sunday

Withdrawal portal will be open every Friday from 9am to 9pm


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